Curriculum Goals

The Millennium Program goals are based in Anti-Bias curriculum, built using Developmentally Appropriate Practice, and expanded using the wide array of Funds of Knowledge from our families and teachers.
At Millennium, we believe that learning is an active process that is best fostered through the natural course of play. It is through play that various aspects of the child's development come together and that the child organizes experience and gives meaning to his or her world. Play involves opportunities to explore, create, invent, hypothesize, test and discover.
The challenge at Millennium is to build upon the child's innate desire to learn. We provide an environment for growth in which children are encouraged to learn about the world through their senses, feelings and minds. Millennium teachers guide children's development through the environment they create, the information they provide, the questions they ask, the planning they do and the behavior they model.
Millennium is fully committed to diverse representation in its staffing and in its population of families. At Millennium we endorse and utilize an Anti-Bias curriculum plan which helps children develop respect for differences as well as similarities. Anti-Bias Curriculum is designed to engage children in an active process of the exploration of self, others, and our relationships to one another. Children are engaged in an ongoing, active dialogue and are taught respect for divergent thinking, varying cultures, lifestyles and differences among each other.




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